Você quer aprender a falar inglês como um falante nativo? Talvez você tenha feito um curso ou estudado no ensino médio, mas ainda não seja capaz de falar. Fique ligado porque listei as frases e palavras mais importantes que você precisa saber para acelerar o processo de aprendizado.


Hey! Hello! Hi

E aí? Ola, Oi

Whats up? How’s it going? How are you? How is everything? How have you been?

Beleza? Como vão as coisas? Como você tá? Como está tudo? Como você tem estado?

I am doing good. I am good. I am fine, thanks. Yeah, everything is good!

Estou indo bem. Estou bem. Sim, tudo bom!

Yes. Yeah. Okay. Sure. Alright. I think so.

Sim. Ok. Pode ser. Eu acho que sim.

No. I don’t think so.

Nao. Eu acho que nao.

I don’t know. Maybe.

Eu não sei. Talvez.

Bye. See you later! See you tomorrow! See you then. Talk to you later. Have a nice night.

Tchau. Vejo você mais tarde. Vejo você amanhã. Ate lá! Falo com você mais tarde. Tenha uma boa noite

What is your name?

Qual é seu nome?

My name is…

Meu nome e…

Can you please repeat that? I am sorry, what did you say? Can you repeat what you just said? I missed that, can you say it again? What was that?

Pode repetir? Desculpe, o que você falou? Pode repetir o que você acabou de falar? Nao peguei, pode repetir de novo? O que você falou?

Can you spell it? Can you write it down?

Pode soletrar? Pode escrever?

I am not understanding. I don’t understand.

Não entendi

Can you please speak slower? Can you please speak more slowly?

Pode falar mais devagar por favor?

How old are you? I am… 

Quantos anos você tem? Eu tenho…


Where are you from?

De onde você ?

I am from Brazil. I was born in Fortaleza. I live in São Luís.

Eu sou do Brasil. Eu nasci em Fortaleza. Eu moro em São Luís.


Seja bem vinda

Thank you. Thanks.



Por favor

I am sorry


Your welcome. No problem. Anytime.

De nada. Sem problemas. A qualquer momento (tipo.. Do nada. Qualquer coisa me fala)

Do you speak English? Portuguese?

Fala inglês? Português?

Do you know where the bathrooms are? Where are the bathrooms? Where is the bathroom? Can I use your bathroom? Where is your bathroom at?

Sabe onde fica os banheiros? Onde são os banheiros? Onde fica o banheiro? Pode usar seu banheiro? Onde fica seu banheiro? At = localizado

It is nice to meet you. It is a pleasure to meet you. It was nice meeting you.

Prazer. Foi um prazer.

What are you doing tomorrow? Do you have any plans for tomorrow?

O que você tá fazendo amanhã ? Você tem algumas planos para amanhã?

What is your phone number?

Qual é o seu número de telefone?

What time is it?

Que horas são ?

One second. One moment.

Um momento.

Mais ou menos = Pode significa alright, okay, ou a little

Exemplo: Como foi a festa? Ehh, it was alright/okay. Foi mais ou menos

Exemplo: Fala inglês? More or less. A little. Um pouco

Excuse me

Com licença

Can you help me?

Pode me ajudar

I do not speak English very well.

Eu não falo muito bem inglês







Have you ever?

Você já (Exemplo: Você já visitou a França? Have you ever visited France?)





What time? Que horas?

Who? Quem?

What? O que?

Where? Onde?

When? Quando?

Why? Porque?

How? Como?

How much does it cost? Quanto custa?

How many? Quantos?


Now Agora

Later Mais tarde

Tomorrow Amanhã

Yesterday Ontem

Last night Ontem a noite

Tonight Hoje à noite

Today Hoje

Tomorrow morning Amanhã de manha

Last week Semana passada

Two weeks ago Duas semanas atras

Next week Próxima semana

In two weeks Em duas semanas

Before Antes

After Depois

Sometimes / Every now and then As vezes / De vez em quando

Always Sempre

Never Nunca

Early Cedo

Late Tarde ou pode ser atrasado

A lot Muito


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Um, Dois, Três, Quatro, Cinco, Seis, Sete, Oito, Nove, Dez

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, FIfteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty

Onze, Doze, Treze, Quatorze, Quinze, Dezesseis, Dezessete, Dezoito, Dezenove, Vinte

Twenty one, Twenty two, Thirty, Forty, FIfty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety, A/One hundred

Vinte e um, Vinte e dois, Trinta, Quarenta, Cinquenta, Sessenta, Setenta, Oitenta, Noventa, Cem

A hundred and three, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred…

Cento e três, Duzentos, Trezentos e Quatrocentos…

A thousand. A million. A billion.

Mil. Um milhão. Um Bilhão.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Sábado, Domingo

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Janeiro, Fevereiro, Março, Abril, Maio, Junho, Julho, Agosto, Setembro, Outubro, Novembro, Dezembro


Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Ours, Theirs

Minha, Tua, Sua, Nosso, Deles

Who’s shirt is this? Mine. It’s yours. It’s his, It’s hers, It’s ours, It’s theirs

Whose keys are these? They are mine. They are yours…

Verbs (I, You, He, She, You guys, They, We)

TO BE – Ser

(Ex: Tired Candado, Beautiful Lindo, Nice Legal, Simpatico) I am, You are, He is, She is, You guys are, They are, We are

(Really excited Animado/Empoglado, Busy Ocupado) I was, You were, He was, She was, You guys were, They were, We were

(Late Atrasado, there tomorrow La amanha) I will be


TO GO – Ir (Ex: to work/school/the store, the mall, outside La fora): I am going, You are going, He is going

(Ex: to the gym Academia, to the airport, to the bathroom, to the historic center) I went, You went…


TO HAVE – Ter 

(Ex: 4 brothers, 3 dollars, a lot of friends) I have, You have… I had tive, you had, they had


TO HAVE TO – Ter que (Ex: be there at 12 Estar la as 12, go to the bank, wake up early Acordar cedo, work tomorrow) I have to, had to tive que


TO DO – Fazer

(not like reading, my makeup everyday): I do, You do, He does, She does, They do, We do, I did

TO LIKE – Gostar

(to dance/dancing, watching TV, listening to music) I like, I liked

TO NEED – Precisar

(a ride, to wake up early, more time) : I need, I needed

TO DRINK – Beber

(soda, water, coffee, juice, wine): I drink, You drink… I drank, you drank..

TO EAT – Comer

(bread, rice, beans, fruit, meat): I eat, I ate

TO TALK – Falar

(A lot): I talk, I talked (to him yesterday), I told (Sam to speak slower)

TO SAY – Dizer

I say, I said (maybe tomorrow)

TO SLEEP – I sleep, I slept

TO LIVE – Viver

(in the capital of Maranhao): I live, I lived

TO WORK – Trabalhar

(all day, at a dance academy): I work, I worked

TO STUDY – Estudar

(business in college): I study, I studied

TO KNOW – Saber

(how to swim, someone who works on cars): I know, I knew

CAN – Poder

(run for a long time): I can, I could/Used to be able to

TO WATCH – Assistir

(Netflix everyday, the news): I watch, I watched

TO PLAY – Jogar

(sports, soccer): I play, I played

TO SEE – Ver

(a dog): I see, I saw

TO LEARN – Aprender

(to sing): I am learning, He is learning, They are learning, I learned

TO THINK – Pensar

(that is a bad idea, we should wait): I think, I thought


(where I put my keys): I remember, I remembered

TO START – Começar

(taking english classes): I start, I started

TO FINISH – Terminar

(school in June): I finish, I finished

TO MEET – Conhecer / Encontrar

(a lot of new people, with her dad for lunch every Sunday): I meet, I met

TO OPEN – Abrir

(the door): I open, I opened

TO CLOSE – Fechar

(the window): I close, I closed

TO WAIT – Esperar

I am waiting, I waited (until everyone left)


(before I go to bed / before I went to bed): I read, I red

TO GROW – Crescer

(fast): I grow, I grew

TO LISTEN – Escutar

(well): I listen, I listened

TO PUT – Colocar

(your jacket on the chair): I put

TO GRAB – Pegar

(some food before work, a shirt out of the closet): I grab, I grabbed

TO SELL – Vender

(Homemade chocolate): I sell, I sold

TO TRAVEL – Viajar

(every year): I travel, I travelled

TO VISIT – Visitar

(my friends and family in May): I visited, am going to, will

TO ASK – Perguntar

(if he spoke another language): I asked

TO CHOOSE – Escolher

(red instead of green): I choose, I chose

TO FEEL – Sentir

(like I need to sit down, sick): I feel, I felt

TO HEAR – Ouvir

(what you said, a noise outside): I hear, I heard

TO LEAVE – Ir embora

(early because I have/had a doctor’s appointment) I am leaving, I left


(Maria my phone): I gave, You/your, He/his, She/her, You guys/your, They/their, We/Our

TO SEND – Mandar

(a message, a letter in the mail) I sent

TO WALK/TO RUN – Andar/Correr

(Every Monday and Saturday, very slow): I walk, I walked, I run, I ran

TO CLEAN – Limpar

(the kitchen and the living room): I cleaned

TO COOK – Cozinhar

(dinner, in the kitchen): I cook, I cooked

TO DANCE – Dançar

(very good): I dance, I danced

TO FALL – Cair

(on the ground): I fell

TO DROP – Deixar cair

(my phone on the ground, my wallet) – I dropped

TO PAY – Pagar

(my gym membership, taxes): I pay, I paid

TO CRY – Chorar

(when I watch sad movies): I cry, I cried (during the movie)

TO DRIVE – Dirigir

(a black car): I drive, I drove

TO FORGET – Esquecer

(his name): I forget, I forgot (my notebook in the car)

TO DIE – Morrer

(of laughter): I died

TO LOSE – Perder

I lose (things easily), I lost (my money on the bus)

TO SIT – Sentar

(in a chair, on the floor): I sit, I sat

TO DATE – Namorar

(my friend’s cousin) I date, I dated